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2013-06-14 22:42:49 by DJPsi

Would like to ride in one of those sometime, but never own.


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2013-06-14 23:32:07

DJ, how are you? What ya riding for?

DJPsi responds:

Doing mighty fine, but if you want to know whats up, I submitted an art piece recently but accidentally rated M, I can't edit it for some reason, so I deleted it to try again, didn't help the situation one bit. So I messaged TomFulp about my endeavor, dunno if that was the right thing to do or not.

"What ya riding for?" Not sure what you mean by that, I drive a Nissan, if that's what your asking haha. I've never been in a Lamborghini, seen em' many times, but never driven one. I dig the old Countach model, swinging doors and all that jazz. Never want to own one though, Lamborghini doesn't continue to support that car, no spare parts, and its hard to parallel park in it.